Planning phase

  • View our database of location photos and become familiar with our guidelines and fees.
  • When planning to film outdoors, please go to Outdoor Events for guidelines on Ann Arbor locations.​
  • Complete an application to film on campus. Include a complete script or storyboard for review and approval. For snail-mail, send to: University of Michigan Film Office, 3300 Ruthven Building, 1109 Geddes Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079.
  • Arrange a scouting visit to the site locations you want to use in your project. A film liaison will help you secure access to facilities and accompany you to the site locations. Campus film liaisons are listed on the Contact Us page.
  • Complete and submit the appropriate Filming, Videotaping, and Photography Application Form.

30 days prior to shooting

  • The University of Michigan Film Office must approve your project. Requests may be denied if the overall content of the script is in conflict with the goals and ideals of the University. Most requests are approved within 10 days.
  • Once approval is granted, contact your film liaison to set up an appointment to walk through all site locations and to discuss details of the shoot.

14 to 10 days prior to shooting

  • Visit site locations with a Facilities and Operations representative.
  • Firm up locations, timing, final requirements with campus film liaison.
  • Email a certificate of general liability insurance to:
  • If you are a student or faculty and plan to use University equipment, submit proof of insurance covering the equipment.

3 days prior to shooting

  • Submit full payment of fees and a signed contract to your film liaison.

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