The University of Michigan has a daily permit fee (see below).

Daily Permit Fee
Independent films: $1,000/day
Studio–backed films: $2,000/day

The cost of conducting scouting tours and the U–M liaison assigned to assist the filming is included in this permit fee.

In addition to this daily permit fee, the University of Michigan will charge actual costs incurred, including the following:

Operations and Maintenance

  • Electrical
  • Security
  • Rubbish Control

Location Rental
We charge the actual rental costs for space on campus, including office or storage space, auditoria, meeting rooms, and athletic facilities. Some locations may require site representatives, for which
we will charge their actual hourly wage.

Sampling of Interior Locations Costs

Arthur Miller Theatre

  • $400/day
  • Lobby only $200 first 4 hours; $75 per hour after that.

James and Anne Duderstadt Center

  • Audio Studio $700/day
  • Conference rooms range from $90-180/day
  • Gallery $500/day
  • Video and Performance Studio $1,200/day

Hill Auditorium

  • $1,700/day
  • Hill Auditorium Lobby $450/day

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

  • $680/day

The Michigan League

  • Ballroom $120/hour with $600 minimum
  • Garden $50/hour with $250 minimum
  • Meeting rooms range from $11.50-50/hour. Minimum charges apply.

The Michigan Union

  • Ballroom $120/hour with $600 minimum
  • Meeting rooms range from $10.50-63/hour. Minimum charges apply.

The Power Center

  • Theater $1,515/day
  • Lobby only $665 for first 8 hours; $100/additional hours

Rackham Auditorium

  • $400/4 hours; $100/additional hours
  • Rackham Amphitheatre $550/day

Towsley Conference Center (University of Michigan Medical School)

  • Available: 415-seat auditorium; 148-seat amphitheater; lobby; meeting rooms.
  • For rates, click on link or email towsleycenter@umich.edu

Athletics Locations

Central Campus Recreation Building, North Campus Recreation Building,
Intramural Sports Building

  • All $280/hour; partial/$210 hour; individual $132/hour

Sports Coliseum

  • All $225/hour; invididual $132/hour

Elbel Parking Lot area

  • $70/hour

Mitchell Fields/Elbel Fields

  • All $280/hour; partial $225/hour; individual $132/hour

Palmer Complex

  • $225/hour

Radrick Recreation Area and Facility

  • Facility $132/hour; facility and recreation area $225/hour

Tennis Courts

  • $132/hour